Current Ventures

Doggie Bag

Doggie Bag delivers nutritional customized meals for your pet directly to your door.


Involved is a political application that opens a line of communication between elected officials and their constituents. We offer a painless way for elected officials to immediately gather the consensus of the people they represent.

Personalized Online Prevention (POP)

A web app that helps users build a personalized prevention plan with online health professionals for their health based on their lifestyle, housing conditions, working conditions, family history and medical history.

RASE (Real Athletic Sports Enhancement)

RASE is removing barriers that athletes have when achieving their athletic goals. Our core product is an online platform that gives players access to high quality training no matter their location or what their coaching situation is. An athlete can upload their game or workout film, which RASE sends to our network of accredited coaches who review and critique players. Based on the coaches assessment, our platform creates an individualized training program for the player.


Hobbē seeks to bring together individuals based on mutual interests in events. Whether you're intentions are to create an event, engage in crowdfunding for potential events or browse existing events, Hobbē is an all-encompassing platform for event-based activities.