About Us

BUVA is a student-run organization started at Boston University to help students and alumni build their startups in the best environment possible. BUVA want to help your idea succeed, and we have the resources you need to make it happen. Given the large amount of hard-working, smart, driven students and alumni the BU community has, the BUVA wishes to bring the most promising ideas to fruition.

BUVA started 2 years ago and has been growing since. The team consists of around 20 passionate problem-solvers, coming from different backgrounds and countries, all bringing in unique perspectives. The organization is strongly supported by the BU Buzzlab and Entrepreneurship & Strategy Department.

Our vision is to emphasize the role of student entrepreneurship as a driver of innovation and progress and create a university-wide trustworthy resource for all creative students who want to make their ideas a reality.

Our mission is to serve to all the communities on campus, who have an idea and want guidance and resources to get further along with it.